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    When the winter holidays come, you will find lots of fun in the Top of Denmark. Participate in fun events for kids. Enjoy a holiday with wellness and relaxation or fun and action. Find accommodation with romance for two or fun for the entire family - children as well as adults.

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    A city for everyone at any time of the year. Løkken has everything: amazing nature, white sandy beaches, art, culture, a fascinating history, beautiful holiday homes, modern dining and shopping possibilities.Come and enjoy some delightful, active or peaceful days in Løkken.Through hundreds of years, visitors have been attracted to Løkken. The attractions include the sea, the beach, the dunes, the city and the countryside. We work to ensure that your holiday in Løkken is valuable and memorable.

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    TV2-serie Norskov, som er optaget i Frederikshavn, er højaktuel netop nu. Men Norskov er langt fra den eneste film/tv-serie, som er optaget i vores kendte områder. De to julekalendere "Ludvig og julemanden" (2011) samt "Tvillingerne og Julemanden" (2013) har også brugt kulisserne i Toppen af Danmark. Den 12. november har fortsættelsen "Emma og Julemanden" premiere i landets biografer, og også denne gang har nogle af optagelserne fundet sted på Børglum Kloster samt i skovområder i Tolne og Asdal. Vi er gået bag kameraet, og har set nærmere på kulisserne i Toppen af Danmark.

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    Løkken Tourist Information center provides information about Løkken and the Land of Light at the top of Denmark all year round. Find inspiration for your holiday in Løkken at our homepage.

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    but we’re sorry – we can’t find the page you requested. The link you clicked may be broken or the page you were looking for is no longer available.   1. For inspiration for your next holiday in the Top of Denmark, please visit our main page http://www....   2. For accommodation in the Top of Denmark, go to: Accommodation in the Top of Denmark

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    Løkken Festival og stjerne af Dansk pop musik                                                                                                                            

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    Visit the Top of Denmark during your summer holidays and enjoy nature, the beaches and the cosy atmosphere in the small villages. Make an active holiday with hiking, biking or riding. Enjoy a holiday on the beaches with relaxation or experience art and culture at the museums and on guided tours. You may also find tips for a cheap summer vacation with the many free experiences in the Land of Light.

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    Sand competiton, where the main attention is to let your fantasy free and build a figure out of the beach´s sand, has become popular as it had never been before.

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    Welcome to a green, fertile and rolling countryside. Hjørring and the surrounding areas offers a broard variety of experiences throughout the entire year. Hjørring and the smaller towns nearby are vibrant throughout the entire year! If you feel like shopping, visiting a café or experiencing some culture, the area has an enormous ammount to offer. Throughout the year many exciting events take place, both large and small all stemming from the local community.

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    The days are getting longer and brighter, spring is around the corner, and your mood raises with the sun higher on the sky. In the Top of Denmark you can enjoy the fresh air of spring and the sun with many different outdoor activities such as hiking in the woods or on the beach or on marked biking routes. Indoors spring is the perfect time for art and cultural events with exhibitions of craftsmanship all over the Land of Light.  So enjoy spring in the Top of Denmark

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    Løkken is a wonderland for children and their parents. There are several obvious outings, activities like beach offers many opportunities for fun and adventure.

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    Experience art and culture in the Top of Denmark with visits to museums, castles and manor houses or with artists and craftsmen. Art enriches your holiday experience. It moves you and gives you something extra to bring home. Art can be beautiful or provocative, but rarely indifferent. In the Land of Light you will meet both classical and modern art. Visit galleries and workshops and meet the artists. Have a talk about their inspiration and their art.

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    When visiting North Jutland for the Made in Denmark tour 2014 you may stay in the Top of Denmark. Here you will find great golf courses with challenges for all amateurs as well as semi-professionals. Buy your green fee in advance and go for a golf break during your holiday.

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    Find inspiration for your next holiday or day trip in the northern part of Denmark - find it on your website or at our Tourist Office.

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    You are cheating yourself if you do not take the time to Løkken catchment as many exciting experiences awaits you within few kilometers radius. - Rubjerg Knot and Børglum are just two attractions just outside Løkken!

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    Experience a great variety of events and activities in Hjørring and Sindal in the Winter season. Enjoy a visit at one of our museums, get entertained at the theater or in the moviecenter or visit our lovely library. You can also gather the young todlers from your family and visit Hurlumhejhuset for a night of Fredags Disko every friday.

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    All year round the Tourist Information in Hjørring, Sindal and Vrå will assist you with tourist information on the surrounding area of Hjørring and the Top of Denmark.

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    Find information on the Hirtshals area at the local tourist office.

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    Find information about tourist offices in the Top of Denmark, opening hours, and addresses. Download the app for the Top of Denmark - Toppen af Danmark - for iPhone and android, plan your holiday according to the weather forecast. Welcome to your holiday in the Top of Denmark

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    Transportation in Hirtshals and region.

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    In North Jutland there are a large number of places to eat that consciously use local raw ingredients in the preparation of the dishes they have on the menu.

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    Tversted Turistbureau udlejer ca 200 feriehuse i området fra Uggerby Å til Skiveren

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    Look forward to this december when IHF Women's World Championships is played in Denmark. Norway is playing all it's preliminaries in Frederikshavn - and we promise you a fun city all dressed for handball

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    In Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby you'll find things to do all year round. Whether you prefer art, visiting museums, shopping in the many different shops, or you fancy a cold drink while listening to live music, you'll find it here.

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    I am on my way from misery to hapiness today ahahaha… are lyrics of the well known song made by the Scottish band The Proclaimers. Roads, wherever they lead us, are supposed to show us unknown distances, help us to leave past behind and show the bright unknown.

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    Feel your heart beat, make difference, be active and have the best, most wild summer vacation of your life.

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    Travel by train, car, ferry or plane according to your route and your wishes. Plan your travel and arrive safe and rested in Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby.

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    The taste of Skagen. The food you eat on holiday is a significant part of your overall holiday experience, and in Skagen fish and shellfish are of course on the menu. However, it’s not all fish and seafood, and we mustn’t forget traditional Skagen ham, organic Angus steaks or a wide range of other locally produced delicacies.

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    Visit the Top of Denmark in North Jutland on a hiking or biking holiday through Jutland as the pilgrims on the Hærvej. On the route amazing nature experiences and cultural moments await when you visit the old monastaries and manor houses or hike on the old routes. FInd at ease, when you experience the old paths on the Hærvej in North Jutland.

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    Set course for exciting experiences in the Top of Denmark - you won't get bored and there are loads of great activities for children.Here are lots of fun activities and events for children in all ages.

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    Contact the Top of Denmark or the tourist offices if questions.

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    In the Top of Denmark you'll find a wide and varied spectrum of places to eat offering a range of taste sensations. If you're looking for a quick and convenient meal, then there's everything from bistros and restaurants with burgers to pizzerias and small cafés with snacks such as sandwiches and salads on the menu.

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    Frederikshavn and the surrounding area provide a great opportunity to spend an active holiday in the whole area – whatever the time of year. If you wish to spice up your holiday with active adventures, Frederikshavn is able to offer a wide range of activities for your holiday.

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    Go hiking and enjoy the views of some of the many point of views in the Top of Denmark. Hills, lighthouses and towers with great views of grand landscapes. See this part of the country from above and sense the unique nature - always close to the sea.

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    Come and meet the many exhibitors, see many interesting plants and watch the making of a new wooden sculpture for Bangsbo Botanical Gardens. Visit the many exhibitors and purchase plants, seeds, pots and other goodies to take home to your own garden. Or buy lunch or just a little refreshment in one of the many food stalls and enjoy it along with on-stage entertainment.

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    Natural and a bit unusual Treat yourself and your family to a holiday of pure relaxation at one of Denmark's most tranquil spots - Tversted! Leave the noise and hustle and bustle of the city well behind and recharge your batteries in natural surroundings that both Danes and foreigners travel a long way to experience.

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    Frederikshavn byder på oplevelser på alle tider af året - og her er oplevelser til mere end én ferie.

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    Let yourself be tempted by our many fish restaurants and fishmongers’ in the Top of Denmark with fresh fish from the sea.

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    Lønstrup is nature, art and culture - great experiences all year round - and experiences for more than a holiday.  There is always something to do in Lønstrup. Choose shopping in one of the many exciting shops or chill out and enjoy a cold drink in one of the many cafes and restaurants. 

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    Do you love to go from festival to festival, but you are getting tired of being surounded by mass of people, covered in mud and therefore not being able to enjoy your concert experience? Try something new, come to Løkken for the annual Løkken Concert, where you can enjoy the music and stars of danish pop music without a big crowd and lots of mud.

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    The greatest attractions are out in the countryside. In the Top of Denmark there are natural resorts that are quite unique to the region

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    Find accommodation in Hirtshals here and spend your holidays in natural surroundings.

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    We are young, we are free and we live right now and right here!

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    To travel ligth, without stress and cheap is the aim behind every summer vacation. Have you run out of idea where to go this summer? Come over to the " Top of Denmark" and expereince the beauties of Løkken, " The paradise on the Top"

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    Autumn holiday is time to use your senses - in nature, culture and gastronomy. Go to the Top of Denmark and enjoy the beautiful colours in autumn in the forest and on the beach.During your autumn holiday you will find many unique experiences in the Land of Light. Spend a short break at JazzyDays in Tversted, participate in Skagen Marathon or look for amber at the beach. Spend your autumn holiday with your family and children with many fun activities and events. Look forward to autumn 2015.

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    In the Top of Denmark, your appetite will be whetted - Let yourself be tempted by good, fresh ingredients from the region's many producers or enjoy a well-prepared meal at the many cafés or restaurants that are found in the region. Quench your thirst with a quality glass of beer at one of the small local breweries. You will find everything from gourmet dinners to small delicious snacks.

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    Salt baths, massage, herbal treatments, spa, facial treatments, fitness and healthy foods. Wellnes has many faces. Pamper yourself in the Top of Denmark.

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    Meetings - we make your event successful

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