Hirtshals Lighthouse

Hirtshals' beautiful lighthouse is situated at Stenbjerg.

The history

Hirtshals Lighthouse on top of Stenbjerg is a beautiful landmark for Hirtshals. The lighthouse was opened in 1863 and was constructed in King Frederik VII's time. The king's monogram adorns the tower just above the entrance door. The lighthouse is 35 meter high and has a focal height of 57 meters, meaning the lens is 57 meter above sea. The lighthouse is situated on a cliff 22 meters above sea. Take the 144 steps up the tower and enjoy the stunning views over the Skagerrak and Vendsyssel.

The light can be seen 25 nautical miles from land

At the top the lamp is 1500 watt and the first lens amplifies the light to 100.000 lightLampen i toppen er på 1500 watt, og af den første linse forstærkes lyset til 100.000 lys. Af de yderste linser - det er dem, der roterer, bliver det forstærket til 1 1/4 millioner lys. I klart vejr kan det stærke lys ses helt op til 25 sømil fra land. 

Six hours to clean the lenses

The lenses are hand-cut, and it takes around six hours to polish them. If the bulb burst an extra bulb switches on automatically.

The malicious spirit

The first keeper had a short career. Just 19 days after the opening he hung himself from the top. The locals blamed "Peter the Horrible", and believed he wanted the lighthouse turned off. According to the locals "Peter the Horrible" was a sort of human bird of prey living on the cliff and living on strandings - to the great great irritation of the area's fishermen.

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The association of Hirtshals Lighthouse

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Hirtshals Lighthouse - seen from above

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