Hirtshals Havn anno 1953

Historical Hirtshals

Learn a little of Hirtshals history and visit the historical sights in the area.

Hirtshals and area's history goes back a long time. There has been people living in the area since the end of the ice age as it is prouved by the dolmen in Tornby. Today there are approx. 6000 habitans in Hirtshals and the harbour is one of Denmark's largest fishing port.

Hirtshals Museum

Fishing has always been a vital nesessity to life in Hirtshals as the permanent exhibition at Hirtshals Museum shows. Throught seven stories the exhibition shows the history and development of the town and the harbour - by and with the sea.

The Bunker Museum

You can not fail to see the big grey concrete bunkers when you are in Hirtshals. Visit the Bunker Museum on your own or join a guided tour - there are lots of anecdotes of life as a soldier.

Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard

The exhibition at Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard displays the trading between Denmark and Norway in the 1800's which was of great importance for both sides of Skagerrak. There are many exciting anecdotes on strandings and the tough life at this time. Not far from Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard you can find the old dolmen.

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